We work with all relocators and agents in the market, so they know where to find us with their clients. We also have a large network of companies and clients find us directly through our listings. We are also active on social media
On our website and platforms like Pararius, Funda and several expat sites
We screen the work information and indentification of the candidates.
Find the best suitable candidates, screen the candidates, set up the rental agreement and arrange the check in and inspection report


  • we will inform you about the available properties from our own portfolio
  • we will organise a viewing of the property
  • When you want to rent the property, we will propose you to the landlord
  • Once approved, we will set up the contract
  • We will hand over the keys to the property and make an inspection report
  • we will organise a housefinding tour for you to see as many properties as possible within your search requirements
  • we will discuss the various options with you and make a proposal on your behalf to secure the apartment for you
  • we will check the legal side of the contract and the conditions and advice you
  • after signing the contract we will accompany you to the check in and make sure there is a proper inspection report set up.
  • we will be at your service during the entire rental period and also when you move out, to make sure the deposit is refunded.