Rental protocol

At The Rental Agency Amsterdam, we understand that finding a suitable rental property is a crucial step. That's why we have established a clear and transparent allocation protocol in accordance with the Good Landlord Act. This protocol aims to provide insight into the allocation process for all involved parties, with the primary goal of preventing discrimination.

Transparency and Fairness:
We believe in transparency and fairness in our allocation process. Through this protocol, we offer clarity not only to our prospective tenants but also to our landlords. This way, we create an environment where all involved parties collaborate with confidence.

Download the complete Protocol for Allocation of Rental Properties in both Dutch and English:

       Protocol for allocation of rental properties to prospective tenants (ENG)

Good landlorsdhip act

This document, in adherence to the Good Landlord Act and Regulations, is provided by the landlord to inform the tenant about specific matters.

      Document: "Good landlordship act"